Aqua Lily Pad Testimonials

The Aqua Lily Pad is the ultimate leisure accessory for our boating family. The kids love it and it gives them even more room to play. Highly recommend and very durable.”


The Aqua Lily Pad has been a great purchase for all our family! My kids and their friends really love getting out on the water with it and my wife and I sit and watch them play on it for hours!”


The Aqua Lily Pad is the best investment we made after buying our boat! We have endless fun every time we take our boat on the water.  Whether you want to just lay and relax on the Aqua Lily Pad or run and dive into the water, it literally gives you meters more space like as an extension of your boat. We just love it!”


“The Aqua Lily Pad has changed the way we enjoy our boating by giving us a 6m platform at the rear of the boat for the kids and adults to play and lay on. I always had an idea of how we could use it, but I couldn’t have imagined all the amazing ways we actually did.”


I bought an Aqua Lily Pad for my sons – 2 boys. They swim in the house dam, and ski in an irrigation storage. I thought an Aqua Lily Pad would work in both cases and It’s fantastic!. There were 5 kids over Christmas, and they took the Aqua Lily Pad out into the middle of the dam and lounged on it as one kid at a time went over on a flying fox! It was a great present.”


“We knew we wanted to purchase an Aqua Lily Pad and loved our experience with Nautical Life & Leisure to make it happen! We love using our Aqua Lily Pad on Sydney Harbour as it’s not only a bit of fun, but it also extends the “space” of the boat and allows us to take even more people out, given a lot can relax on the Aqua Lily Pad as well! We can’t wait for next summer so we can continue to use it.”


“Thanks very much for supplying our Aqua Lily Pad which has been a fantastic addition to our boating family days out – such a safe place for the kids to sit on and swim to – and really improves the space and peace on the boat with the kids off boarded to the Lily Pad!”


“From when I first called Lorraine, she was a delight to deal with over the phone. Within three days we received our Aqua Lily Pad and used it that day! It’s been the best thing ever.. we use it off the back of the boat and even off our jetty. It holds the whole family – even our dog. 🐶 We love our Aqua Lily Pad so much!”


The Aqua Lily Pad really is the best fun I’ve ever had on a boat. Whether it’s the whole family together, the adults, or just the kids, the Aqua Lily Pad provides hours of entertainment for everyone. It’s been a game changer for us. The kids love it, we love it. Too many benefits to list. I wouldn’t do boating without it!”


We absolutely love our Aqua Lily Pad. It’s great for the adults to lounge and relax on with a couple of drinks, and provides hours of entertainment for the kids. It’s great if you have a small boat as it extends your sunbaking area, and it’s even great if you don’t have a boat and just want to tie it up to the end of a wharf or use it at the beach. Lorraine was so easy to deal with and really helped me out in choosing the right size Lily Pad for our family. Thanks so much for all your help and for such a great product!” 


“We have used the tadpole in our pool all summer and its been great. Our youngest daughter who is disabled has been able to enjoy the pool with her brothers and sisters much more this summer, its been a really amazing product to have for the family. Working from home in the COVID environment has allowed us to tadpole in a way that makes the days much more enjoyable!”


“We have 2 Lily Pads. The larger one lives on our boat. The smaller in the swimming pool and travels on family holidays. If anyone I am with is in the water, so is the Aqua Lily Pad. They have both travelled all over WA and are still in remarkably good condition!”


“The Lily Pad is the ultimate summer must-have water toy for the entire family. Safe, endless fun and cheaper than a boat! Highly recommend the Aqua Lily Pad Bullfrog. Lorraine made it so easy!”


“We as a family purchased ourselves an Aqua Lily Pad for use at our shack by the beach in Dover Tasmania. Purchase was so easy with Lorraine over the phone and via email, nothing was any trouble. The Aqua Lily Pad arrived within a few days. Stability of the mat is amazing, with the adults having just as much fun on it as the children!”


“All our family loves the Aqua Lily Pad, from the toddlers to the oldies and whether we hang it off the wharf or off the end of the boat when out cruising, it’s always our favourite toy!”


“We purchased our Aqua Lily Pad in 2019. We live on canals in WA and have found when we get the Aqua Lily Pad out to “play’ kids come from everywhere. It’s been a real boom for the neighbourhood and bought us all together. Even the ‘big kids’ love to play. Thank you Lorraine and Aqua Lily Pad, we love it!”


“We bought our Aqua Lily Pad just prior to last summer and it has offered hours of joy to our family and friends. The Aqua Lily Pad effectively doubles the play space we have when we go boating and means the kids have their own area to enjoy while we sit back and relax.”


“Great day with the Aqua Lily Pad on Sydney Harbour , huge hit with the kids. Thanks so much. So many boats with their Aqua Lily Pads out at Sydney to Hobart today.”


The Aqua Lily Pad has changed the way we enjoy our boating by giving us a 6m platform at the rear of the boat for the kids and adults to play and lay on. I always had an idea of how we could use it, but I couldn’t have imagined all the amazing ways we actually did.

From full-day trips on the harbour filled with our kids and friends diving and playing on the Aqua Lily Pad to afternoon sunset cruises with fresh oysters and champagne for the adults, every time we ventured out, we took it with us.

We got the Aqua Lily Pad BULLFROG, and storage of it on the boat was easy on the rear deck standing up or latched to the bow rail.

Funny enough, the so-called hardest part of rolling it back up was one of the easiest with the tried and proven method of firm tuck and forearm rolls for two, easy!

Ok, so my top 5 likes for the Aqua Lilly Pad:

(1) Buoyant! Wow, this thing easily holds 4-5 adults or as many kids as you can throw at it, so it’s the perfect platform extension for your boating experience.

(2) Durable. This thing took everything we could throw at it from salt, or chlorine in the pool and still looks like the day we bought it.

(3) Fun factor. I couldn’t imagine going boating with the kids and our friends without it now. It brought so much fun to our day trips and many great memories that we’ll hold onto forever.

(4) Storage. Our Aqua Lily Pad BULLFROG is big, but there are so many ways to store it on a boat. Bow strapped to the handrail or rear deck worked for us, then when it was all over, we brought it inside the boat and locked it up, ready for the next trip.

(5) Anticipation. Not that anyone really needs to be convinced too hard to take a day trip on the harbour, but when they imagine themselves floating off the back of the boat in the sun with a drink in hand, it does create anticipation for the day ahead!

I don’t have anything negative to say about the product. 

Some may say it’s more expensive, and I’d say you get what you pay for. But the memories and fun we’ve had are simply priceless.

Our lives with family and friends have only been made richer by the experience of taking the Aqua Lily Pad out on our boating adventures! 5/5”